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  1. Not sure if this one will work, but: https://www.dokuwiki.org/tips:pdfexport If the information is located in a database, isn't it possible to export the table directly from the database to a PDF? As suggested on the page below? http://www.duodimension.com/html_pdf_asp.net/Tutorials/create_pdf_from_database_table.aspx
  2. A pretty old post, but I hope it's okay if I add my idea to this. If the online help is being maintained, it could be located in a database. You only need to maintain the database. Changes still shows up in Online guide. Somewhere when entering the guide, there could be a button saying "Generate PDF". That tool selects all information in the help table and generates a PDF in the same way a Report function would do. Maybe a general button that generates all information and also a button for each section, for example if you would like to download a specific section? Anyway, this way you only
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