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  1. I will leave it to the experts to solve your problem, but will just throw out a small bit of advice: Whenever i am making a compilation of anything except a double layer DVD, I always make the first one on a re-writable. That why if there is a problem burning, or if I see a mistake, or just want to change something, I haven't lost a disk. I can't tell you the number of disks I have saved because on review of a compilation I see a mistake, or something that should have been done different. Or, in your case if there is a burning problem, it shows up on a re-writable which is preferable to losin
  2. I had the same problem. I think your solution will be under Disc change the file system settings from UDF to ISO/Joliet.
  3. I always make MP3 disks for use in my truck. I've found it's better (and safer) to use rewritables. That way if something goes wrong, I haven't lost a disk. Just a thought.
  4. I think there is a misunderstanding here somewhere. Are we talking about the location of the music file on the drive (what folder is it in) or the order of the songs in the compilation?
  5. I don't agree either. I used Nero for a long time and I ALWAYS added my files to the compilation then shifted them around to put them in the order I wanted. It was much easier to see the list in the context of order of play.
  6. OK, that was it. Thanks. Don't you love the easy fixes?
  7. OK, what am I missing? I created an MP3 disk, but it won't play in my mp3 player that is in my truck. I'm using version I set it to finalize the disk and verify the content. I've tried different disks. An MP3 disk I made months ago with a different program plays fine. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Rick
  8. NOW you tell me. Thanks a bunch. Ok, that works. Now.. about that button for the explorer panel. I'd still like to see it. It's not so "tiny" on a 21" monitor and besides, it wouldn't be any worse than the ones you already have there. It's a good thing I'm not a triskadecaphobiac since this is the 13th post.
  9. /oi works, the other 3 just bring up the Data compilation box with a box over it: File Report Could not find the part of the path.
  10. I would have assumed that if "/oa" and "/od" exist, then you would have been smart enough and/or considerate enough to to include them.
  11. re: command line arguments: "/oa" & "od" work, but "/ob", "/oo", "/oe", and "/ov" do not. ????? :sad:
  12. No, I'd prefer the button in the toolbar, like the "browsers" button in Nero. It's right there, a quick flick of the mouse up and a click and it's either there or not there. Also, one reason is my hands are starting to become arthritic, so for me, the button would be easier. Speaking of being lazy, another thing would be command line switches to start any of the 6 options in the main screen. I'd probabaly use mainly 1 or 2 most often so a shortcut that would take me right into say, "Audio Disk" from my desktop would be nice. Nero has that option also.
  13. Because I'm lazy. It would be a quick way of getting a larger track list (in one click) without having to go to the menu bar, click on view, then click on Explorer panel to show or hide it. I've been using Nero Burning ROM and it has a button (browsers) that I'm used to using to open my usual folder for files, dragging the files over, then closing the browser for more room. Like I said, just lazy. One click instead of two.
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