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  1. Hi! Actually I do not remember from which version but even on the current one the lock on the files being burned are not released until the program exit! Closing the compilation is not enough... This is not a priority problem, but it's little bit annoying to close/reopen CDburnerXP for deleting the source files burned! Ciao Giangi
  2. Unfortunately the IE9 is installed on my work laptop and since MS has changed completely the IE's GPO configuration starting with IE10 we must stay on IE9 at least for a while... At home I may give a try to IE11 but, as I wrote, if I cannot use my bank online account then it's a biiiig problem for me!!! Ciao!
  3. OK! I have just tried enabling TLS1.2 both on IE9 and IE10 (always Seven, one Pro and one Enterprise) and the login frame for my bank site disappers... I'll keep that off! Again thank you for your help (not strictly connected to CDburner!!! ) Ciao, Giangi
  4. Are you sure about that? I have just checked on a virtual Seven Enterprise SP1 "clean" with only IE10 and all WinUpdates but only SSL3.0 and TLS1.0 are enabled by default!
  5. OK, now I'm back on IE10! The offending settings was Use SSL 2.0, disabled that has solved both problems: I can now enter the forum and the certificate was resolved correctly!! ...and I can still login into my bank account! That's good!! Thank you for driving me into the right direction!
  6. Uhm... next hint??? As far as what I have found googling, my settings are different from default having selected both SSL 2.0 and TLS 1.1 Not sure why but I may have changed these long ago due to problem with my online bank site. http://www.windowsecurity.com/articles-tutorials/authentication_and_encryption/Configuring-Advanced-IE-Settings-Using-Group-Policy.html http://technonxt.wordpress.com/2010/02/01/configuring-internet-explorer-advanced-security-settings-a-step-by-step-guide/ I will disable both and check... BTW: the SSL certificate is issued for "a different name", the eng
  7. What is going on that I cannot access https://cdburnerxp.se/ https://forum.cdburnerxp.se/ ????? I'm using IE10 but posted this from Firefox... Thank you...
  8. Actually it will be much better to let the user decide: the pgm should note the longer names like wrtting them in red/bold and a pop-up just before burning (or saving as iso) should ask what to do: 1) shortening names automatically 2) remove the files 3) cancel the process
  9. Ok, I have understood: with 107 the pgm is refering to extension included. You should better explain on the restriction window!! (or just write 103 as in v4.4...) But reporting an exception is not very polite... Anyway is still better that v4.4 were the max was the standard 64!
  10. I have shortened folder/file to 107 chars (as reported by the pgm itself, not 103 as wrote by you) and the folder was added but the same error was produced. At least this time the folder was added to the compilation, but not the file! Long107.zip
  11. I have installed latest version on a virtual XP (running on VirtualBox), then I have created a folder with a name lenght=114 chars, then I have created inside a text file with name lenght=114 chars. I have checked that file system was configured as ISO+Joliet (and not UDF) I have added the folder to an empty project and I get immediately an error and the folder wasn't added! Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040275 Previous version were stripping the name lenght... Attached a zip with my long name folder/file so you can redo the test and the pgm's debug log! LongName.zip StarBurn.zip
  12. That too is not an option... :cool: Right now I'm using imgburn but I'm really missing the cdburnerxp's split function... :neutral:
  13. ...that's not the way a bug should be solved... It's a shame because the pgm is great and should't be so hard to investigate why this option is ignored...
  14. Well... it works... Sorry, I had to try before posting... I have looked for an option to delete my post but I haven't found it. Anyway this topic should be deleted!
  15. I'm not sure if this is really a bug, but I'll report anyway! The Table of content.txt created by the Disk spanning feature has the BOM indicator but text is ASCII, actually EditPad reports it in UTF8. I think that it's not a real Unicode, it's not in double-byte notation so what will happen when files names to be burned are in mixed format like normal ASCII and others like Cyrillic?
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