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  1. I specified in my mail, "Dear Sir or Madam", Florian is obviously a first name for men. I apologize.
  2. E-mail sent, you should have received it. Thanks!
  3. Regarding the links that doesn't work any more on the website, maybe it was better to create a dedicated thread as I did. Indeed, It was't the only one I found.
  4. Hi guys, I browsed a little bit the website and I noticed some links were dead, please find them hereby. - "our translation how-to" at http://www.cdburnerxp.se/translations?lang=en - the same for the other translated websites like http://www.cdburnerxp.se/translations?lang=fr - "Participate in translation link" at http://www.cdburnerxp.se/en/download I could correct these links, but I'm not allowed (no rights) to achieve this on the website.
  5. As I'm not allowed to use the personal messenger of this forum, could you give me an e-mail address where I can communicate my detail information to you? I don't want to get spammed if this thread would be indexed by web search engines. By the way, I separated my previous request at this other thread. Could you have a look at it? I also noticed that the link "Participate in translation" doesn't work any more on this page. This might be the reason why you have a lack of translators. Regards, wget.
  6. Hello guys, I see on this page you are looking for an update for the French translation. Let me introduce my self. I'm a developer student being actively involved in open source software. In addition to bug hunting sessions and solving some of them, I'm currently responsible of the LibreOffice and FileZilla French translation. Regarding the French Canadian translation version, I think there is no way to produce such a version. There is no differences between French (France/Belgium) with French (Canada) in the computer field. The only differences appear at spoken not at written, expe
  7. Hello guys, In order to enhance the online help, I created an account on this page a few years ago. I wanted to know if one admin could update my username, password and mail address, as I can't do it by myself the fields are greyed and uneditable. Let me now if you can perform this. In that event, I'll communicate him my new contact details. Thanks a lot. wget.
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