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  1. ok - so i rolled back to version and everything's working fine again. I noticed that 4.5 is a major rewrite with a completely new burning engine, so perhaps that doesn't agree with my set up or with disc spanning. Think I'll stick with my working version for now.
  2. Actually, I tell a lie. It didn't write anything to the 2nd disc. I had assumed that it had when it ejected after 10 mins or so, but it's empty. When I insert the disc, CDBurnerXP starts up for some reason, but there's nothing on it. So, the 1st and 3rd discs wrote ok, but the middle one didn't (I'm missing 30 odd files so definitely stuff missing). I'm running Windows XP Service Pack 3. Any chance of a link to a previous version so I can have something that works while you look into this. I'm not sure what version I was running previously, though. I've been using the software for a
  3. Hello - I've just upgraded to version before using disc spanning to write 13G of data across 3 discs. It worked ok for the first disc (although it seemed to be slower than my previous version of CD Burner XP). However, when I inserted the 2nd disc, CDBurnerXP seemed to hang at the 'Preparing to write...' stage. It never reported to have started writing the 2nd disc and the progress bar never started updating. It also downgraded the write speed from 8x to 4x. I've since discovered that it was actually writing the 2nd (and subsequent) discs, it just didn't say it was. Before
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