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  1. A sincere thanks for the quick fix!
  2. I'm having the same issue on any action (v4.5.0.3681): - Trying to Burn a compilation brings up the CDBurner XP error report. Then trying to send the report gives the COM error. - Trying to Erase a disk leads to the same behavior. Tried an uninstall followed by a re-install but no luck. Reverting to 3661 solves the issue. As a previous poster indicated, I'm also running an English Version of Windows 7 64-bit with different regional settings (Belgium).
  3. Many thanks for this topic. I use CDBurner XP for burning mp3 cd's to play in my car and since had the same issue as described above. Changing the file system fixed it. Has the default file system changed since that version?
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