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  1. Good to know. If I decide to use newer versions in the future I'll keep that in mind.
  2. I was having an issue with the latest version (.4003) as well, though I'm using CD-Rs. Effectively, I burn MP3 data discs for playback in my vehicle, and my truck couldn't read either of the two discs I tried. Like your disc, my discs verified as being just fine. I recall that .3868 gave me a few problematic discs as well, though only one I burned with it was a complete coaster. Downgraded to and all is well (would have downgraded to 4.4, but one of those versions gave me problems and I can't remember which. Never had any issues with 4.3) Had I wanted to spend enough
  3. Bad Teddy

    v4.5 Overburn

    Something is funky regarding overburning discs in 4.5 I successfully overburned a disc just minutes before upgrading to 4.5 and having it tell me that it couldn't perform an overburn that was 10MB smaller than the one I had burned just minutes before. Downgraded back to 4.4 and it's working just fine again using the same disc that 4.5 rejected. Both discs were standard 700MB discs, data-type burns
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