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  1. OS WIndows 8.1 Version CD BurnerXP 4.5.3..4746 Device HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH82N CD Verbatim 43666 DVD+R DL Test 1 Content to be burned consisted of a folder containing multiple video files (MKV) and a text file (DOCX) Burning process started OK and apparently completed (100%) then program hung - rebooted PC to clear On reboot, tested DVD - Read OK Test 2 Content to be burned consisted of VOB Folders and Files Burning process started and completed OK - No problems - No need to reboot, DVD read OK Test 3 Repeated Test 1 with a different folder and diff
  2. WRITE process on Verbatim DVD-RW apparently completes OK, but on READ, the DVD is EMPTY Reverted to Release 4.4 - WRITE and READ OK
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