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  1. Hello, There seems to be some compatibility issue with CDBurnerXP and my LG BH14NS40 burner (SATA). I found that it burns Verbatim 2X BD-RE media at 1x speed only: The 2X speed is selected by default, the program reports burning at 2X with successful completion and verification, but the actual burn time (not including verify time) corresponds to 1x speed. Note that the same BD-RE media burns correctly at 2X speed using the Cyberlink software (Power2Go) that came with the drive. Also note that I saw no such issue with Verbatim 6x BD-R media (actual burn speed "near 4x", with 4x s
  2. Hello, Just want to report an anomaly I noticed with CDBurnerXP When I select the "Recorder -> Device information" for my LG BH14NS40 burner, the resulting screen shows BD-RE DL media as NOT supported (for both reading and writing). However, the drive documentation shows that BD-RE(SL/DL/XL(3 layer)) are supported, so I would expect the software to show it as supported! Note that I don't have such BD-RE DL media to try at this time, but wanted to report this "anomaly" anyways... Thanks!
  3. Hello, I experienced unexpected burn speed with CDBurnerXP I burned a data disk with 19GB of data, using Verbatim 6X BD-R media. I selected "other speed = 2x" for this burn, which took slightly less than 20min to complete. This corresponds to actual burn speed of 4x. So it seems the selected 2x speed "didn't take"... PS: the resulting disk works fine
  4. Hello, I just tried the "fast" and "secure" erase options with Verbatim 2X BD-RE media (25GB). To my surprise, both took less than 15 sec to complete on my LG BH14NS40 burner. I was expecting the "secure" method to take about 45 min, which is the write time of a "full" 25GB BD-RE media at 2x. Isn't "secure" erase supposed to "overwrite" (or "blank") the entire disk, which should take considerably more time? (Looking at the disk's recorded surface, I can "see" the previously written track, doesn't look "securely erased"!) Thanks!
  5. Hello, Is it possible, with CDBurnerXP, to create a DVD or BD disk with BOTH ISO 9660/Joliet AND UDF (1.02 or other) file systems? The help file (see below) seems to indicate that this can be done, but under "Change file System", I can only select one or the other (ISO9660/Joliet OR UDF)... Thank you! ---------------------------------------------- REF: from Help file: As we stated above the most secure and all-around option is to use ISO9660/Joliet/UDF and Level 2 or ISO9660::1999 specifying ISO9660. Why? Your disc will have 3 file systems, each naming your files and
  6. Hello, I just installed CDBurnerXP on my XP SP3 system. Very nice looking "lightweigth" program! I want to burn 19GB of data, located on a (32GB) flash drive, to a 25GB BD-R media. Under "Data Options", I cleared the "Automatically cache files from removable media" option, since my HD doesn't have enough free space left to cache that much data (and it shouldn't be necessary as flasdrives are "fairly fast" at reading...). The problem is that the program still caches the files, even though the option has been cleared: when I drag files to the compilation window, a "
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