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  1. You're welcome – glad I could help!
  2. You're welcome! Well, I believe the language compiler compiles a .resx file into a .dll file, not into a .resx file. So maybe that small .resx file is another file from a previous unsuccesful compilation attempt? Look at the date on the file and see if it really was created after you used the Language file compiler. I could compile the given .resx file into a .dll without any problems. I actually downloaded the file I posted on zippyshare and compiled that exact file to be sure we are talking about the same file. My resulting .dll is this: http://www8.zippyshare.com/v/NYVxovmv/file.html (renamed to Strings.es-AR.dll so it should be ready to use). So it seems like there is nothing wrong with the .resx file. Are you sure you did not get a .dll file at around 140 KB after compiling? I used version of LangCompile from 2013-02-15.
  3. I believe that http://validator.w3.org/#validate_by_upload+with_options can be used to find this type of errors. I was curious for a more general online solution and just found it now. Just add ".xml" to the filename before selecting the file (to make it upload as a non-binary file) and select "utf-8 (Unicode, worldwide)" as Character encoding (so it doesn't choke on the initial UTF-8 BOM marker) and click Check. On the result page (titled "Errors found while checking this document as XML"), go to the section "Validation Output".
  4. I used http://www.xmlvalidation.com/ and a very simplistic Python script to find the problems, by the way. The script is not thought through, but it actually did the job. It showed indents without dedents (i.e., opening tags without matching closing tags). It should be noted that it is not a general script to find that type of errors in an XML document. #!python import sys indent=0 for line in sys.stdin: lineparts=line.split("<") numlineparts=len(lineparts) linepartnumber=0 for linepart in lineparts: linepartnumber=linepartnumber+1 if linepart: if linepart[0]!='/': indent=indent+1 else: indent=indent-1 sys.stdout.write(linepart) if (linepartnumber!=numlineparts): sys.stdout.write("<") indent=indent-1 sys.stdout.write("\n") sys.stdout.write(" " * indent)
  5. Hi KNTRO. There were two further errors. At <data name="The data has been written correctly to the disc, but the number of files does not match the expected file count. Most likely, the file system structure has not been written correctly and some files will not appear on the disc.&#xD;&#xA;&#xD;&#xA;Expected file count: {0}&#xD;&#xA;Actual file count: {1}" xml:space="preserve"> <value>Los datos se grabaron correctamente, pero la cantidad de archivos no es igual a la esperada. Es probable que la estructura del sistema de archivos no fue grabada correctamente y algunos archivos no aparezcan en el disco.&#xD;&#xA;&#xD;&#xA;Cantidad de archivos esperados: {0}&#xD;&#xA;Cantidad de archivos actuales: {1}" xml:space="preserve"> <data> and <data name="You have entered CD-Text information. However, you chose to add pauses between tracks. CD-Text information can only be burned to disc, if you choose not to have any pauses.&#xD;&#xA;Do you want to burn the disc anyway (CD-Text information will be lost)?" xml:space="preserve"> <value>Ingresaste información de CD-Text. Sin embargo, elegiste agregar pausas entre pistas. La información de CD-Text sólo puede ser grabada al disco si no elegís tener pausas.&#xD;&#xA;¿Querés grabar el disco de todas formas (la información de CD-Text se perderá)?</value> This one should work: http://www61.zippyshare.com/v/hRc2i4nJ/file.html
  6. Super! I believe I need a password to be able to upload the translation? Can you in some way PM that to me, or do I need to send an email to you?
  7. Hi Flo, I just had a look at the current Danish translation, and it is quite flawed with a lot of spelling errors, a few wrong translations and 37 missing translations. I wonder if I can take over the Danish translation and in that way give something back for my years of using this excellent program? I am an excellent speller in Danish, I have very good knowledge of the English language (I speak it daily) and I am also a good and experienced translator. I am the current Danish translator of MyPhoneExplorer and have been so for the last couple of years. I even happen to be a software developer with 29 years of experience, so I probably won't have any trouble with the technical details of the translation process. What do you say? Is it okay that I take over the translation? I have already downloaded ResLocalizer, created a project, and I am ready to start. Jesper
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