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  1. After upgrading to the correct burning speed is shown and everything is fine. Thank you
  2. I've tried selecting an "unsupported" speed... but no way: writing is forced at 2x
  3. HAPPY!!!!! Thank you so much for the SPTD interface tip... it works, although at 2x speed (higher speeds supported by both the writer and the media still not selectable) Let me know if I can help you in fixing the wrong speed bug
  4. Oh, just found out how to enable logging in CdburnerXp Here it is: StarBurn.log
  5. I'm adding some logs from the other burning software I've tried... don't know if they're useful: Power2Go log here: OS Version : Windows 7 UltimateService Pack 1 C:\Program Files (x86)\CyberLink\Power2Go\Power2Go.exe : Version CBS.dll : Version 7.8.6413 ================================================================== Total physical memory : 4095MB (4193400KB) Free physical memory : 2711MB (2777068KB) Memory load : 33 percent Number of CPU : 4 CPU Name : IntelĀ® Core2 Quad CPU Q8300 @ 2.50GHz CPU Speed : 2500 MHz ==========================
  6. (Software version: Hello! I've just bought this usb Blu Ray writer, and I've tried to burn a Sony BD-R (high quality media, with mediacode NN3, certified 6x). Unfortunately, with my Win7 x64 I was no able to have my BD-R burned, because of a nasty error: hresult: 0x80040255 The popup window talks about not supported / low quality media... but I don't believe it's the case, since such media are recommended in the Samsung user manual. I've also tried to burn my BD-R with the (crappy) software included in the Samsung package, buth different error message popped up... as
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