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  1. Been using this program for years, this morning it successfully burned an audio CD with an erased CDRW disc, then I tried to do that again after erasing the same disc and it would keep telling me no useable disc present. So I tried using a regular CDR disc, still will not recognize it. I tried uninstalling the program and rebooting and reinstalling. Still won't recognize blank discs in either drive D or E. And both drives are recognized in Windows 7 and both drives can burn discs in iTunes. I had a problem once before where CDBurnerXP could not access the drives while iTunes was open.
  2. Been using CDBurnerXP for six months now on my new Windows 7 desktop which has two PLDS DVD+- RW DH-16ACS drives (I can't find more identifying info than that). Love the program and works like a charm from the day of install up through two days ago. Today suddenly I get the message NO COMPATIBLE DRIVES. I have made no hardware or software changes to the system. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling. Still not working. WTF? Please advise...
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