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  1. I decided to make myself the necessary corrections, using the applications available on the site. Thank you
  2. I would like to inform the following defects of the Options window: 1) using the translation to Brazilian Portuguese, the special symbol "&" appears in the window title, 2) on the Audio Options tab, the text of the two lines of the first option of the Replay Gain item appears partially truncated due to insufficient height of the text box. Thank you
  3. I would like the responsible for the translation into Brazilian Portuguese did a review of this translation, since there is at least two errors in it: 1) "UDF 1.02 com 0 diretórios e 0 arquidos" instead of "UDF 1.02 com 0 diretórios e 0 arquivos"; 2) "Número de copias:" instead of "Número de cópias:". Thank you
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