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  1. I don't see how to attach the log file to this message. I will send it via email. However, I can tell you what is happening. Verify does reach 100%, however the information it is presenting is erroneous. At 8x, it takes around 11 minutes to burn 4 gig of data, then Verify almost immediately goes to 99% and says Time Remaining is less than 1 minute. At this point, both the percent verified and the Time Remaining are NOT correct. Usually it take almost an equal amount of time to verify as it does to burn. So, at a total of 20 minutes, I'm thinking "this is stuck at 99%" since it ha
  2. Hi, I've just downloaded version to my new Notebook PC, running Windows 8, 64 bit. It burns OK, but verifying always stops at 99%. I'm burning data DVDs at 8x speed on a HL-DT-ST DVDRAM optical drive. When I run CheckCD v (not your software) each DVD checks out OK, but does come up with the message (not defined as an error): "note; hash; For at least one file only file readability was tested because no valid hash file was found (code: 54);" Regards, seamon53
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