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  1. I think, found the problem. In version 4.4 ... when you push the button "Burn" menu appears: "finalize the disc" or "leave it open." In version 4.5 ... this menu does not appear, and is an error that the seats are not enough! In Nero, if you do not check "to finalize the disc," also leaves a message saying that the disk space is not enough! Once again, please forgive me for my english ...
  2. I saw the same problem today, after upgrading to the latest version. Try to write CDRW 698 MB ... CDBurnerXP does not do it (version Well, that kept the program version She recorded with no problems! In connection with this request for you: let's you to download the previous version on the site! Specifically registered to make this post. Sorry for my English! )))
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