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  1. After swaping out the files with the next disk worked. Still cannot ID anything that I could consider special about the particular batch of files for the disk that was causing the error, I don't see any special characters or abnormally large files that I haven't on previous disks, I could reload the file list and try burning again, granted there goes another wasted disk. and it wont let me do a simulation for a Blu-ray. All the files I'm burning are coming from an old DVD backup burn, I'm simply condensing the number of disks and updateing a little, so nearly all these files have been through
  2. Have been burning all morning(and past few days) backing up data and then with this last disk I began to recive this error HRESULT:80040255 the program burns one file (approx 1.09gigs) then errors out. the files range in size from a few bytes to several gigs(3.46 is biggest in this batch) and i'm not seeing any special characters. I've burnt 27 other disk (BD-Rs) with files rangeing from a few bytes to over 9gigs with no problem. I tried (and wasted) 2 disks just incase and it failed the same way each time, BD-Rs are not cheep. Running Win 7 on Intel i5 quad core 3.0GHz 120gig SSD LG
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