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  1. My mistake, I was using UDF. But unfortunately, this doesn't fix the issue: now, I get an immediate reboot. Other parameter changes makes the image file crash (freeze of the screen with no message or reboot). I also tried to load the files before instead of after the setting of the boot options, without success.
  2. Hello I tried to use the current version for creating a bootable image file for Windows XP. With v4.4, it works perfectly, with the following settings: No Emulation, Level 2 (31), 7C0, 4, 80x86PC, "Disable ISO version number extension" checked and "Enforce ISO Level 1" checked. Unfortunately, the ISO related options are no longer available in the v4.5, and the created image gives the error "Couldn't find NTLDR". It is one of the main features I used in CDBurnerXP, so is there a way to get back this options?
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