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  1. Hi floele I have just downloaded CDBXP using MS Edge (Firefox continues to crash when I attempt to access your website). Installed and opened successfully. Have yet to burn a CD or DVD - will try tomorrow, but, at least, that is some progress! Thanks for your advice. Will report here if burning is also successful!
  2. Thanks for reply, floele. I did look at that page after viewing a FAQ similar to my query. Tried to download the STPD drivers but Firefox keeps crashing whenever I click on "Save". I don't understand why, if the earlier version works, the latest one doesn't. It seems to be a fairly small update to do with display settings.
  3. Have used earlier version ( successfully on Win10. Just tried to upgrade to Although program appears to install but does not run. During install, I did not accept the optional add-on offered. Reverted to earlier version, which works fine. I am running Win10 Home and have McAfee Internet Security installed. The latter did not interfere with the re-installation of the earlier version, so I don't think it is relevant. I have looked in FAQ but there seems to be no other posts regarding this matter. Advice/suggestions welcomed.
  4. Have just re-visited this forum after a break. Have made suggested changes to auto-play and will check on Sunday when I next do a burn. Thanks.
  5. Have been using CDB for some time, now, first on XP, then Vista and now on Win7. I make 6-7 copies of the same audio compilation each week, and most times (not all) that CDB completes a burn, WMP opens and tries to play the CD (even though I've set CDB to eject disc after burning). It is irritating to have to close WMP (or ignore it) each time. I'm sure this is because MP3 files are linked to WMP. I don't want to break this link because, normally, I should want WMP to autmatically play an MP3 file. Suggestions would be appreciated.
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