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  1. Is it the same for video DVDs, that it doesn't make much sense technically? What about copying discs (any format)? Is verification supported? (Have not tried yet.) Thanks.
  2. Hello, I have just begun using CDBurnerXP. If I understood correctly, verifying after a write process is not supported for all tasks. For example copying CDs, or burning audio CDs, do not have a verify feature. I see it is supported for burning ISO images. It would be nice to be able to verify all write operations. Can you list me all tasks which currently support verification after write? Thanks.
  3. Hello, I have created ISO files for my Windows installation disks, for backup purposes. They are Windows XP Professional and Windows 8 Pro 64bit. I was wondering if the ISO format is OK for this disks (Windows XP is on CD, Windows 8 on DVD), or if I should choose MDS instead. Thanks.
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