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  1. I recently upgraded to v4.5 and the drag and drop feature for adding files to a Data disc no longer works. In the right hand pane where it says "Drag files here", when I try & drag a file or files onto the window it displays a no entry sign & no files are dropped. I can only add files by clicking the +Add button. In the old version I had (v4.?) this worked fine.
  2. The application runs but does not list the DVD/RW drive. I have to "run as admin" to get the DVD/RW drive to appear. I did not have this issue before.
  3. Hi, I am now running the latest version of CDBurnerXP (4.5.1) but the only way I can make my DVD/RW available is to start the program as "Run as administrator". Previously this did not occur (sorry, don't know the previous version). I am running on Windows 7 x64. According to the FAQ there is supposed to be an install option: "During setup you can enable the option to allow non-admin users to burn CDs", but this option never appears. I have tried uninstalling & re-installing but no change.
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