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  1. Hi! Thanks for reply. If it's a Microsoft component, yes, you can't increase the number of files, true; but what you can maybe do is intercept an attempt to add too many files, and issue an error message to that effect? I imagine the upper limit will be documented, or at least able to be established. That would be a lot more user-friendly than the positively misleading error message that I encountered, assuming that is typical.
  2. Hi, I am a new and delighted user who used CDBurnerXP for the first time yesterday to accomplish a DVD-burning task that Nero has consistently failed to accomplish over the last few weeks, always telling me "NMDIIHost.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close" before crashing. See here for details: http://forum.my.nero...showtopic=15730 The reason I am posting here is because CDBurner didn't quite get it right first time, and I would consider what happened indicative of a bug. The task, the same task that causes Nero irrecoverable grief, was to burn 1095 mp3 files to a DVD+R, t
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