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  1. i burned twice a windows 10 iso (downloaded from imagine microsoft: a site for students)and each time the verification hanged at 100%: the complete application didn't react anymore.I could not cancel the verification.i had to kill the application.It was the first time i tried cdburnerxp in creators update windows 10 version. I tried the installation of both dvd's and the start of the installation proces first hangend at 22% and the second dvd did even start the installation proces (in virtual environment)
  2. I've found the problem. In the setup I had selected only the language dutch. If you select all the languages it works!
  3. I had an older version of cdburnerxp running on windows 7.It asked to update. I performed the update but the installation after the download did not succceed. t gave an error. I think it was concerning a dll but I'm not sure. Then I've downloaded the latest version from http://cdburnerxp.se/ I've executed the setup with succes but when I started cdburnerxp it fails and gives the error:file missing I've repeated the download and installation several times:each time:file missing What is going wrong?
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