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  1. Ok, then. But i don't understand one thing.... In the old version, you could choose buffer protection on/off, and you could choose to burn with DAO or TAO... In the same computer, with the same writer, the new version does not allow me to choose DAO/TAO... (like if my writer doesn't have this option, but IT DOES) Moreover... the old version takes lots of time to burn in DAO mode, but the new one takes much less time to write and close session (maybe not DAO? maybe there was a problem with DAO? ¿¿¿???
  2. Hiiii....... is anyone there??? Could you please help me a little bit??? Thanks!
  3. Hi! I would like to access the "buffer protection" option and the "Disc-At-Once"/"Track-At-Once" options.... It's strange.... with the older version i can choose DAO/TAO...... but with the newer/newest one, i can't... (maybe they're soo hidden???) Thanks again!!!
  4. Hello everyone.... First of all, thanks for this superb burn app... i think it's the best freeware burner program for Windows... This thing is quite strange.... I have one portable 32bit app in my hdd, old version, and it does allow me to choose advanced options in the latest burn window... I have installed other newer 64bit portable version (, but it doesn't allow me to choose this advanced options in the same latest burn window, even if i uncheck "ask my how to burn..."... In adittion, the program does not save changed made in options (may be a portable trouble?
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