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  1. Since cathy.exe is a non-install, you might try it - its is the fastest piece of software I have ever used.
  2. No, and trying the discs on another machine running a new install of cathy.exe gives the same result.
  3. I downloaded, mainly because it was the only older one i could find, and it works with cathy.exe unlike To reiterate, cathy.exe reads a disc for content and stores it in an ongoing catalog. Discs prepared by cdburnerXP 4.5 are all seen as the same disc, while those prepared by 4.3.8 ( and I suspect a little later) are read correctly. Other cdburners, to include nero and imgburn, produce discs that cathy.exe reads correctly. As to cathy.exe, may i suggest you look at http://www.techsupportalert.com/content/best-free-file-disk-catalog-organizer.htm. And thanks for following up on this. a possible suggestion, a download path to older versions will be helpful.
  4. The version I previously had of cdburnerXP produced discs that cataloged without a problem using cathy.exe, a popular free disc cataloger. The current version, and I think the one right bebore since I just updated tonight, produces discs that cathy can't recognize as unique- i.e., cathy sees all discs as the first one you catalog declaring all others as duplicates. I have no idea why - I do know that nero and imgburn continue to produce discs that will catalog correctly. I am hopeful this will be corrected since cdburnerXP has been my "go to" burner for sometime.
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