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  1. Hello floele, Sorry for the late response. Yes this is exactly what I mean about this missing functionality. Date / Time of files listed in file list compilation are inconsistent with the modification date / time of the disk files. Whenever you check the existence of the files, it would be possible to update their date and time in file list compilation in order to reflect actual modification date and time of files on the disk. This is an evolution of the semantics of the file list compilation that may have several drawbacks: - Viewing file list compilation would imply change to the file list compilation as soon as a single date or time does not match; - Original modification date/time are lost when file list compilation is backed-up; - File list compilation can not be saved if the original media is read-only. So the user would have to cancel the backup at exit. This new behaviour may hinder some users.
  2. Well you are right, I have burned another DVD and i have checked that the dates of the files are the same between the DVD and the hard disk. But what I say previously remains true for the compilation. dates of the files in the compilation window are not updated automatically. Date of files in compilation are the date of the files on the hard disk when compilation was created or is updated. In a matter of fact, i should just ignore these dates and only care about missing files like before. I used Nero for years, and Nero update policy is an automatic refresh of the compilation. This is why I have made this mistake. So sorry for the annoyance. Thanks again for this nice software.
  3. I am replaying again, since the site just crashed as I clicked on "Submit Reply". So I apologize if there is a double post. Your answer seems to indicate me that you haven't understood my need. I will take an exemple: say you have a compilation with one folder and one file. However, the target folder holds 5 files, but you just want to burn one file. One day, you update this file, so date/time of the target file does not match anymore date/time of the file in the compilation. If you burn directly a new CD, you will get new file content but with its former date/time. How do I update date/time of the file in the compilation according to date/time of the target file? To my knowledge, there is only 2 ways: - moving again manually the target file to the folder in the compilation window. This is a hassle with hundred of files/folders. - updating compilation: because of the recursion, this will add back the other 4 files from the folder in the compilation. Now I have hundred of folders like that. update compilation will add GBytes of datas. I do not want that. Shortly: there is a need of another update policy which would only refresh date/time of all files already existing in compilation.
  4. Hello, First, let me tell you that this burning software is really great! Now, I have maybe a particular need since I searched in all the threads and the feature has never been discussed before: Mainly I have my data organized as a tree on 3 folders levels, and I made a compilation without adding everything, since it would be too big to burn, and I want to only manage one DVD. Now. I would like to only refresh dates and sizes of already existing files in my compilation, without adding GBytes of new files. Nero, that I owned before migrating under Windows 7, used to work like that. I well understand that actual update feature is more useful ... when you want to burn a music compilation without having to check any file. Can i suggest to you to create a new feature, called "refresh only compilation" along with the "updating compilation" feature? Thanks for your work!
  5. Reproduced with v4.5.2.4214. Please, can you add the version number directly in the banner shown at the first launch? This would be nice, since one have to open "Data/Music disc creation", and have to choose Help > About CDBurnerXP menu entries to get the version number. You may answer that I am still able to open "install / uninstall an application" panel in windows 7, and check the version number right there... But, in both ways, there are still many manual operations left to the user.
  6. I tried to open the file in two different ways: 1 - with the "open with" context menu: - Selecting the iso file, right clic on the file with the mice and choosing "Open With", and "CDBurnerXP" entries in context menu. - Clicking on the "Burn Disc" button. The error appears quickly. 2 - with the regular open in CDBurnerXP: - Open CDBurnerXP in start menu applications - Choosing "Burning an iso image", and clicking on OK button - Selecting the iso image file with explorer button - Clicking on the "Burn Disc" button. The error appears quickly. Selected options in both cases, are: - finalize disc - check data after burning - eject disc after burning
  7. I updated CdBurnerXP with v4.5.2.4214 and I was not able to reproduce this kind of issue. I am still aware of that, and will repost if necessary. However that is not easy to track since this issue cannot be reproduced systematically. Often does not mean twice, one try and the next one. Moreover, This could imply that log should be activated permanently, which is not recommended by kb18. And, finally, the log buffer may not be flushed before the hang, which could not give useful traces.
  8. Hello, As I always burn iso images with the same rewritable media, I used to directly launch the burning process of the iso image and CDBurnerXP was clever enough to detect that there was no space left on the media and suggested me to erase it. In fact, this procedure works as expected whenever you want to burn a file compilation, but does not work anymore with iso images. Instead, the burning process fails immediately with an error telling me that " the verification ca not be performed because current burner did not burn data. "
  9. Hello, I am using CdBurnerXP currently with Windows 7 and a plextor BDDVDR PX-B320SA combo DVD Writer / Blu-Ray disc reader. Burning is always OK, but verification engine hangs very often, if not all the time. This morning, I was burning a 2,64 GB iso on a 4,7 GB Verbatim DVD+RW and verification process hanged at 8%. There were no I/O access anymore. Then, I used md5summer with burned DVD to create md5 sum of all DVD files and checked with HDD files. All files were OK, so I'm inclined to think that the verification engine is a little bit weak.
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