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  1. Yes it's ok when I choose ISO/Joliet, but before the updates, there was no problem with UDF and all the other burner I use since the proble burn with UDF, it's strange.
  2. If you choose ISO 9660 / Joliet and not UDF, it works,but i don't thinks il's a good solution, because the other software that i use (since the probleme comes), by exemple : the free "power2GO8 essential" burn with UDF without problem.
  3. I have been using CDBurnerXP for many years with Win 7. I own a car stereo that plays mp3 files from data recorded CDs. BUT for many weeks, the cd's that I burn dont' works. My computer read the mp3 disks but my car stereo don't recognizes the mp3 files on the disk. I have the same problem with other's cars. When i use another software for the burn (Nero or Power Go) , I don't have this problem. The problem comes from CD BURNER, I'm sure.
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