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  1. With Windows XP now approaching end of support, I am attempting to mitigate IE vulnerabilities by setting Internet security to 'high' (I don't use IE anyway). For the same reason, I now also use EMET 4.0 (which is why I have installed .NET 4.0). EMET 4.0 is sensitive to incompatibilities, the production version especially so. For this reason I find the beta version more comfortable with XP. Google Chrome gets very unhappy if ROP mitigations are applied to it. I do not apply EMET mitigations to cdburnerxp.exe because I imagine that it is unlikely that it will be exploited. Once the leng
  2. .NET : 1.1, 2.0 (SP 2), 3.0 (SP 2), 3.5 (SP 1), 4.0 (Client Profile and Extended) VC++ runtimes : 2005, 2008, 2010 All the above are fully up to date as per Microsoft updates.
  3. Same here. I also run Windows XP SP3. Fortunately previous version could be installed over without problems.
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