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  1. Yes. I'm sure. It's an AMD SB790GX chipset. There's no "good reason" other than supposedly AHCI is the standard controller for SATA interfaces (specially SSD). I kinda solved this by myself though. I installed the RAID driver (which is obviously AHCI compatible) by forcing it to recognize my storage controller. By adding one line with my device's Hardware IDs. Everythings working fine now apparently (apart from S.M.A.R.T data not displaying) but I guess that's "normal" whenever you use a RAID controller.
  2. @Guest_Newman_post_* And how can I do that? Everytime I try to install the RAID driver it doesn't let me. I'm running the latest AMD AHCI drivers by the way.
  3. Hi, I'm DESPERATE to get my DVD drive working again. After changing from IDE to AHCI the problems began. Although my problem is not with CDBURNERXP but with EAC not detecting/unable to burn, I'm sure the same solution applies. I know this is a very, VERY old thread but I was wondering if you (or anybody else for that matter) could give me a hand. I'm already using the latest AMD AHCI drivers, but I can't for the life of me install the RAID AHCI drivers (I'm guessing because I don't have a RAID array) I was under the impression, by the way you explained your solution that this would work wit
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