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  1. I have an urgent need to burn some discs this week. Do we know, or has someone tested, which version was the last one that worked?
  2. I'm now getting this error too. It did not happen with Windows 7 in May 2016 with the latest version at that time. It did not happen with fresh Windows 10 install in August 2016. Just updated to latest version of CDBurnerXP yesterday, and it has started to happen. Every other burn will fail with this error, with the additional note that I have two cdburnerxp instances open (always have that arrangement) with the other one burning and the other one to plan a compilation. Didn't find any logs in any usual locations.
  3. 1) Start cdburnerxp, select data disc. 2) Add some files and folder to the disc. 3) Single click the disc label on the lower left panel. Press F2 to rename the disk. BUG: The focus transfers to last-added item on the lower right panel, and if user starts to type his/hers new disc label there, an item or folder on the disc gets renamed instead. Workaround: Manually change focus to the disc label again and press F2 again. Now the focus stays on the label. NOTE: This happens a lot to me, but not 100% of the time. I shall investigate a bit more.
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