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  1. I got exactly the same error HRESULT: 0x80040275 I got it very often in the last times (with BD-DL 50GB) almost 50% of all my burning tries failes with this error regarding the last month (no matter what burning speed I try (2x/4x/6x/8x)) I think it happens when the first layer is finished and the second layer starts to burn (?) I use: - Windows7 64bit - CD burner XP - Pioneer BDR-207DBK (FW version 1.35) - Mediarange MR509 (with manufacturer-ID "CMCMAGDI6") (--> http://www.mediarange.de/en/products/product_search/index.pmode/modul,detail,818/index.pmode?pst
  2. thanks, this is the key message for "my problem" doing a lot of more google-investigation, I found out now, that in fact this kind of DVD-DL-blanks (manufacturer-ID: "RICOHJPN D01") is not "known" / supported** by the Pioneer BDR-207DBK so the device will switch to the lowest possible speed (2,4x) (even with latest FW-vers. 1.35) **(-> http://pioneer.jp/device_e/product-e/ibs/device_e/pdf/BDR-207DBK_FW130_MediaList.pdf )
  3. Hello, I am new to CDBurnerXP I tried it to burn Brurays and therefore I bought a Pioneer BDR-207DBK (FW version 1.21)* everything works fine then and really fast when burning BD-R DL 50GB (UDF 2.5) with 6x-speed (0% errors) [Amazon "Mediarange" -> manifacturer-ID "CMCMAGDI6" -> even 8x-speed is possible] (really nice your software !) Now I trie to burn DVD-+R DL 8,5GB (labelled "8x") and CDBurnerXP only show "2x"-speed as the only available speed. I forced CDBurnerXP to burn with "8x" (choosing "other speed") and started burning, but in fact the speed is limited to "2,4x" agai
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