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  1. Thanks so much - for some reason I read that as being like for an older version or that the other poster had trouble with it so I didn't pay close attention. Looking now, I should have figured it out and tried it. Thanks again for the attention, and I have to add that I agree with the first post in this thread: left in the default setting, CdburnerXP is too powerful for the average idiot..AHEM I mean user. Seriously, if this is an easy addition to the menu structure, think about putting it in the next release, and make the default =1, like most of the bloated commercial burning stuff. It may be bloated, but it's safer for grandma. cheers.
  2. I see that this is an old post, but the issue of drag and drop and accidentally changing files ON the system is an issue for me as well. I have recommended this program to many of my friends, some of which are simply not that savy with a mouse. Making changes to the original file structure should either not be allowed or at least disabled by default and then optioned on by the user. I'm a tech (formerly anyway) and even **I** have found it too easy to drag a folder or file to a location it shouldn't be while in the main interface. Has there been any new work on this? I think it SHOULD be an easy addition (could be wrong there) and I KNOW it would be of benefit to many folk. Let me know what you think, and thanks for an absolutely terrific program!
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