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  1. Yes I did. In both instances, the CD player attempted to synch to track one and failed. I used a short playlist, running about 1/2 hour. My media are HP CD-RW discs, with a 12x capacity. I dubbed with CD Burner at 4x, thinking that an older player would be compatible with that level.
  2. Hello, The CD audio disc that I have created with CDBurner XP will not play on my older stereo CD player. I compared it with a commercial disc, and the two appear to be the same. Both contain .CDA files on a CDFS file system. They vary with respect to the size of the contents, 323.60 Mb on the commercial disc vs. 400+ on mine. What do I need to do with the settings in CDBurner to create an audio disc that I can play on my stereo? Thanks.
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