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  1. My apologies if this sounds like a dumb question... I have a ISO file. If I open the file (either via a decompression tool or by mounting it as CD), copy the files to a temporary folder, then use CDBurnerXP to recreate the ISO file, should I expect the original ISO file and the newly created one to be the exact same size? I am asking because I essentially did the above (with the sole exception fo making a few minor edits to a <1 kB text file) and the new created ISO file was 1 MB larger than the original. The real problem is that the original ISO file (when burned to a CD) was bootable but my version was not (and the problem has nothing to do with the edits I made). Is it possible that the original was created on a Linux box and that my creating the ISO on my Windows box is the root cause of the problem? Thanks!
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