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  1. Hi, Great piece of software (but... ) I've written a few CDs with CD-Text turned on, using a CUE file originally to set the audio compilation, but am finding that other Windows programs seem to think none of the title or artist fields have more than about 30 characters, whereas in the CUE (& in the compilation list) some of them were 40 or 45 or so. Does this program have a maximum length for individual CD-text fields? Doesn't the Red Book allow up to 255 per field? I think there might be an overall limit of 8 blocks of 256 'packs' of 12 bytes each (so 2048 packs = 24kb) o
  2. OK, thanks that'll be great! Not sure it should have been wrong for so long ('quite a few years') though, since I found it seemed ok in (with installer file modification date 28/12/2012 18:51 [i downloaded 14/2/2014]) and someone above said a newer v, was ok too. Maybe it was wrong-&-not-noticed for a year or so (or the site I downloaded my 4.5.0 from had altered the mod date). Or there again, maybe it was (coded) wrong for years but the effect didn't manifest itself til more recently. Anyway, thanks for pursuing the 'abandon & redrag' lead, and yes, even logi
  3. Ok, think I've got it now - nothing to do with the files or even the CUE file really - it's to do with whether you've just started the program and are dragging one or more CUE files for the first time into the audio area (works) - if you then Close the audio selection (and say No to saving), then choose New and choose type Audio again, then try to drag any CUE file to the audio area, it says "The audio file is DRM protected and cannot be burned to disc" (that all, you can't see which wav file it was complaining about, it seems to be complaining about the whole cue file, or the process of doin
  4. "The CUE sheet alone can't be the issue." - I disagree, it is quite possible for a newer version of a piece of software to introduce, for instance, a shorter limit on the filenames it supports - I'm not saying the CUE sheets alone ARE the cause, just that they COULD be, which means the quoted statement is untrue. Being practical, each of the wav files is about 30Mb so 20 of those is a bit much to upload, and I'm fairly sure the problem would happen with just one or 2 or them, and with much smaller files, so I might try that experiemtn in order to be able to provide a smaller CUE & matc
  5. I just hit this problem trying to open a CUE file that worked on 24 dec. Dragging it, or using 'import from cue sheet' gives the DRM message. It seems I had upgraded (since xmas) to the same level that others above are seeing the problem on. Now I've gone back to (happens to be older than the one shark2k2 reverted to) and the same CUE file works ok, meaning I can drag it to the bottom audio window and it expands into the list of tracks (thus I think also demonstrating the wav files actually all exist still). Didn't actually want to cut the CDR now. The CUE file
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