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  1. Interesting, I tried another disc and I got a perfect burn then I reverted back to the other make a DL and I got a burn with all the files on the disc. When it was completed, everything froze and the CDBurnerxp icon on the task bar went black. Windows 10 crashed and quickly recovered my desk top itself. I think it might be some other software I have that has caused this. I will report back. I have removed the other software.
  2. Hi, I have been using this gem for a few years without any problems. The latest build seems to have sped the burning process up but it has also been informing me that I had too much data on the disc which I didn't. Today, I tried to burn a disc and I am getting problems— it is asking me which type of disc I want to burn CD/DVD or like flash drive (doesn't usually do this) then if tries to format. It failed to verify one disc so I tried another and it completed the burn and verification but when I ejected the disc and put it back in later windows 10 can't find any data on the disc but it does detect the disc. I did a windows reset a few weeks back and put on the latest CDBurnerXP build and it was working fine.
  3. How do you post a log file here? It will not allow me to paste the information in.
  4. Thanks for answering floele. I did a reinstall of CDburnerxp and successfully burned a dual layer disc today. I would not have did a reinstall if I'd seen your post sooner. I have looked at the instructions of how to produce a log file and if the problem which is intermittent happens again I will be posting here. It rendered the discs useless or they were costers. The burns would abort either during the burning process or the verification process with either a message informing that the disc were not of good quality, compatible or inferior. or it would inform the verification process had failed and disc may be unreadable. I am assuming a user can verify the disc in multiple session mode providing they have not removed the files from their hard drive from the previous burn sessions on their dvd disc.
  5. I managed a burn today but the verification process failed at least the disc was not ruined. Despite the problems I am still a big CDBurnerXP fan
  6. The CDBurnerXP error message is H RESULT 0x80040275 It is informing that perfectly good discs are not compatible and inferior and then ruins them by aborting nearly half way through a burn. This is happening with dual layered discs I noticed a visual basic error after but I am not entirely sure if it is related. During the burn process at disc verification I noticed that the windows disc auto run feature came on again ( would you like to view files on disc)
  7. I have had aborted burns due to CDBurnerXP informing me that the discs I am using are inferior or not compatible with the drive I am using. This is odd I have burned lots of discs with the same make of disc without a problem. Is this a known problem? I have had 3 dual layered discs aborted this week.
  8. I could not recall an error code. Just a message saying not all the files could be verified and some of the data may not be readable. When I click on the compilation I get a box with the message and list of the files that could not added these are the ones I removed from the hard drive. I noticed that when I clicked export iso buster automatically came on. Does that mean the data is recoverable if I buy the license. Is there away I could find out what the error code is? I think iso buster did gave an error code. I will post the error code
  9. I did a burn on a dual layered disc everything came out fine the files were sitting on the disc all were okay. I saved the project but deleted the files from my hard drive. I came back to the project and added some more files I had forgot I had deleted the files from the project from my hard drive. The verification failed obviously because the previous files were no longer on the hard drive I got a message that said some files may no longer be readable- this happened after the second burn. Now I can't get the Disc to show any data it just buzzes and bleeps away in my DVD drive. I have tried ISO buster and Recovery toolbox for CD but they can't read the disc. Is there anything I can do to recover the data? I definitely checked continue disc on both occasions so I am wondering why some missing files would cause such a problem. When windows explorer tries to read the disc it eventually stops responding. What has gone on here? This has all happened because of some deleted files off the hard drive but were already on the disc why has the disc become unreadable? I am using version 4.5.3 4746 with windows 7 professional help appreciated
  10. I just tried finalizing the disc to see if anything else would show up but only got the last session I burned like before
  11. Hi, I am quite new to burning discs and started to use CDBurnerXP. I began to burn files to a dual layered DVD + R. I always clicked on the option to continue the disc. This did not cause any problems and I was adding data to the disc every few days. I did not save the project as a file I just added to the disc when I was ready. I did the recent up grade to version did a burn after clicking the usual continue disc and the burn went okay I left the room I was in for about 3 minutes. When I went to view my burned data I noticed all the previous burns had disappeared and all that was available was the files burned during my latest session. The disc information is showing that the space has been used but I can't see any of the files anymore except the ones from the last session these are fine. Is there anything I can do to get access to my files again. Please be patient as I am not the most technical person in the world but I do love CDBurnerXP Thanks for any help
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