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  1. It didn't Show any Errors. I added the files using Drag'n Drop to the lower pane.
  2. Default... ISO 9660. Tried UDF which worked now.... So why isn't UDF selected as Default?
  3. I am having slightly different issues with the same burner model, even after updating to latest Firmware 1.03 released in April 2014, using CDBurnerXP v4.5.3.4746. Scenario is: trying to burn a System Image file ~40GB to a Double Layer BD-R media, the burning process runs smoothly, takes about 40 mins in 4x Speed, no Errors. The resulting disc is readable, and showing the correct file. However, the file is ~218 MB in size only, and when opened with the respective application, shows as invalid Archive. The source file is accessible, valid, consistent. Already corrupted 3 DL medias with
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