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  1. Sorry, "mea culpa". I had installed the 64 bit version. After installing the 32 bit version, I can see the LightScribe button. Thank you very much.
  2. Hello at all, I have Windows 8.1 and installed - LightScribe - CDBurnerXP If I'm starting the LightScribe Control Panel it shows me my LightScibe Drive LG HL-DT-ST BDDVDRW GGC-H20L. But if I'm starting CDBurnerXP and opened the Printer Dialog, there is now LightScribe Button. First I had installed CDBurner, then LightScribe. Because of the missing LightScribe button i then reinstalled CDBurner. A LightScribe DVD (Verbatim DVD+R DL) is insert (LightScribe side at the buttom). I also tried an other LightScribe DVD (Verbatim DVD+R). I don't know waht I can try next. I can't get CDBurnerXP to show me the LightScribe button. Can anyone help me please? Any suggestions? Thanks.
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