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  1. Forgive me for being surprised that they don't answer e-mails they don't profit from. If the program was safe and otherwise met my needs, I would have been happy to pay. Furthermore, I wouldn't have bothered asking here if I could have found a satisfactory answer on the site. I am glad I to be warned about this level of support, although it's sad to see it was from an administrator who apparently chooses to name himself after the Lord's traitor. That's all I need to know this software is NOT for me.
  2. I want to install CDBurner XP if it is safe to use (e.g. secure/private...if doesn't send any info to anyone). I have written to the company at least two times, but have not heard back. Can anyone provide any assurance that the verson of CDBurnerXP on their site that says it doesn't contain Open Candy is secure/private? Thank you.
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