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    Check file size and reset disk

    Looks like it was fixed in new release.
  2. Today i had to throw away 4 DVDs... 1) I created some big zip files ~4,2GB per file and burned them on DVD. CDBurnerXP did not say anything, that it cant burn such big files on joliet and that i have to use udp instead. Windows only showed 300 MB files instead of 4gb. 2x DVD for trash till i noticed it myself. 2) Than i created smaller zip archives and burned them on DVDs. After every burned DVD i clicked on "reset" and added new files and burned them on the next DVD. When i finished burning 4 DVDs i recognized that i had 3 DVDs with the same data on it. "Reset" seems only to work if i did not burn them already. 2x DVD for trash again.

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