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  1. Starburn.zip sent. :cool:
  2. Zipped file is 4.001 KB. E-mail address?
  3. Starburn.log is 46.983 KB. How can I send it?
  4. ""In regard to the second kind of issue: What does the CD look like when inserted into your computer? Does it play? Are CDA files on it?"" All 7 cd-tracks are on the disk When I try to play the disk in my computer, I get kind of very distorted noise, fast interupted.
  5. Error message: I created a log file, but deleted it by accident. Before I burn another (9th) useless disk, can this error.log give an answer?
  6. Screenshots on Win7, LiteOn LH-20A1S, CDburnerXP, Verbatim CD-R 52x: Burned CD does not play in the car, nor on my Ah! Njoe Tjoeb 4000 Tube-CD-player, nor on a Denon CD-player. Player reads out a total of 70:49 but when you press 'Start' it just gives 1 --:-- 7 tracks. No music.
  7. Screenshots on Win7, Samsung SH-S222A, Verbatim CD-R 52x:
  8. I used to burn copies of flac-files on cd to use in the car (audio cd's). System Win7, CD-burner LiteOn LH-20A1S sata, CDburnerXP All went well until a few weeks ago. Since then different things happen: - sometimes the burning program starts normally, the tracks are burned one by one, the proces ends 'succesfully', but the cd-player can't read the discs; "disc not finalized". (Although 'Finalize' was checked in the program). - sometimes the message "Burning process started" remains on the screen, no message about different tracks, until message "succesfully", but same result on the cd-player. First I thought the LiteOn had gone, but I got the same result by burning on my laptop (Acer). - A new download and install of CDburnerXP ( on another pc with Samsung SH-S222A (ata) resulted in a normal start, but immediately after "Burning first track" the program ended with "Disc not recognised". I tried to update the firmware on device manager but he says there is no new firmware. Then I thought something was wrong with the discs (Verbatim CD-R 52x - extra protection). But I notices that the first 'bad copies' occured on Maxell CD-R 80xl 48x. Someone still an idea? I don't know anymore. Thanks.
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