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    Disc Spanning

    The unreadable discs have open sessions.
  2. nettamn

    Disc Spanning

    I burned this set of discs again with because of the date bug in 4.5.4. This time there were no errors with the burning. All the discs verified OK. But some of the discs are not readable in the original burner or in another DVD reader.
  3. Disc spanning copied the same file twice to the same DVD. The disc contents look like this: E:\2013\00012.MTS E:\2014\00012.MTS The table of contents file looks like this: E:\2013\00001.MTS E:\2014\00012.MTS I am using Is this a new bug? Should I use an earlier version? Also, the disc number selector is not wide enough to show two digits. Just noticed that all the file dates are wrong too.
  4. nettamn

    Disc Spanning

    CDBurnerXP is the best DVD burner available. The most useful feature for me is disc spanning. There are two bugs in the feature though. When an error occurs, the disc number still gets a green checkmark, and the UI moves on to the next disc. Sometimes the burn speed is changed after a burn error. The disc is ejected after an error. If I close the tray and try again, sometimes the disc will burn OK. Maybe you can add a feature to keep trying to burn a disc until it's successful instead of ejecting it? Thank you for making a great application available for free.
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