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  1. I found it, finally. But I don't get this option.! I have a 3.5GB of data and wanted to Burn option Disc Spanning to several 700MB blank CDs and it gives me an error states: "Disc spanning is not possible, because the file size ....is great than a single disc. Remove the file or use a disco type with greater capacity" It doesn't sound right. But this is the reasom why I want to Burn cds in disc spanning option, because data is greater than a single disk?!? Is this a bug or some sort?
  2. titux480

    Disc Spanning

    Where do you find disc spanning option in this program. I've looked everywhere. Unless I have the wrong revision. Can someone point me to this option? Thanks
  3. I just download CDBurnerXP to copy data for disc spanning option. I have data of 3.44GB and I have several blank CDs ready to burn in disc spanning option. But I can not locate this option anywhere in the program. I have the latest version fo the CDBurnerXP I'm sure if this revision has Disc spanning option. Please point me to the right direction. Thanks in advance. Alex
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