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  1. Thanks for the reply. I did try to add them. I believe I did it correctly. I think I just do not have hardware that supports CD-Text. I am looking for a workaround.
  2. Well I have tried lots of things with no luck. Is there a workaround someone can suggest? I want to take podcasts that are currently in MP3 format and burn them to a playable CD for the car. It seems like I may only get one podcast to fit on a CD anyway so maybe the title can be manually added as a title for the whole CD instead of for individual podcasts on the CD. I would appreciate any workaround suggestions.
  3. I am burning this on a PC and eventually playing it back on a car CD player. Does the burner or player or both need to support CD-text? Thanks
  4. I do see CD-Text as a checkbox and I check it but nothing changes. What exactly is CD-Text ? Thanks
  5. Is it possible to burn an audio and retain the track titles. When I burn a audio CD the resultant tracks are titled Track01, Track02... When I choose the files to burn them they have the original title that was given them by their maker. Can I burn them onto an audio CD and retain those titles? Thanks
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