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  1. <data name="Replay Gain:" - not translated (This is the title for the following items:) <data name="Do &amp;not apply Replay Gain" - translated <data name="If Replay Gain information is attached to your audio files, CDBurnerXP can apply the volume change automatically before burning." - translated <data name="Use &amp;Album Gain, or Track Gain if not available" - translated <data name="Use &amp;Track Gain, or Album Gain if not available" - translated Where the user can understand that translated Replay is the same as that untranslated title?
  2. Hm....Options->Audio options->Replay Gain: must be in English? Why? Everything else is translated, and is it not?
  3. Not translated " <data name="Replay Gain:" in .resx In English "Strings.resx" no such a line.
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