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  1. Hi, this small mistake shows you, that the labeling is no 100 precent clearly for the user... .. like me You know, it was late and I want to just copy a CD Toodle-oo! :yes:
  2. Great --- your question is my answer It is my mistake, because I remember me - there was a menu item... - Data disc (my eyes see '..create ISO image..') - select the DVD drive - Menu: File / Save compilation as ISO file.. - Choose an name. Disc.iso - Error: HRESULT 0x800402A0 The correct way is... - Copy or grab disc - Target - Hard disk Thanks for your help ;)
  3. Hi, I want to create an ISO image form a bootably DVD, but it doesn't work. After I choose the disk.iso name, I get this error message HRESULT 0x800402A0 What should this mean, what is wrong? Thanks Toni
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