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  1. @HHerrie you did not recognize my opening post in this thread did you? Because if that would be the case you´d know that I am absolutely aware of the existence of the minimal installers. BUT - they were gone for a few weeks - as was open candy, too... Which I felt, was a move in the right direction, away from bundles to donationware. To giveaway bundles always feels like opening your mail box in front of your house: -3 Letters - cool -1 package - cool -1 catalogue - cool -25 flyers of advertising-crap nobody needs or wants - uncool In my opinion the "overhead" of stuff I or WE
  2. Please don´t say that the crapware installers are back?!? I can only speak for me and the SysOps, Admins, SystemEngineers around me... We all have two things in common: 1. We love good software that does what it promises... nothing more, nothing less 2. We all hate crapware, bundled software, OEM giveaways, 3rd party AdWare... A lot of good software was kicked out of our campus for being bundled with some kind of software we don´t want/don´t like !
  3. Thanks a lot for the fast response - as good as always - Thanks mate ! One question left - do I have to exclude the TuneUp installation via command line and if yes - what´s the parameter? And hey - Donations are way cooler than crapware THUMBS UP !
  4. In my topic I am searching for the advertising free downloads you mentioned in your last posting: https://forum.cdburnerxp.se/topic/9763-where-is-the-download-of-the-minimal-installer-version-4545067-located/
  5. Hi there, I am deploying CDBurnerXP to my network since the early versions. I deploy your wonderful software using http://wpkg.org and I love it, but since the latest version was released to your dowload area I am searching for the minimal version. Normally the minimal version showed up a few day after the release of the normal downloads but not this time. Instead of showing up the minimal version disappeared from the list of the downloadable options/packages. ( see attached screenshot ) Could you please give me a hint what´s behind this. -Is there no more minimal version o
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