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  1. Thank you for the reply. I will work on getting what I need and use CDBurnerXP to save the memories. Thank You
  2. Could not find an answer. Will CDBurnerXP transfer 8mm tapes to DVD? I have a bunch of 8mm tapes I need to transfer, and my old camera is a dud, but apparently high 8 cameras will play regular 8mm video tapes. Conversely, regular 8mm camcorders will not play high 8 tapes. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks ron3033
  3. Thank You floele, I appreciate the info. I was told by a computer engineer that open candy was as good as malware in his view. Again his take. Best of the season to you
  4. Hello floele and best of the Season to You! Thank You There is a Default Installer and a Default Installer without InstallCore ............. so does that suggest that InstallCore has taken the place of Open Candy? What exactly is InstallCore? What is its' function? Or is it the same trouble Open Candy causes, just by a different name? Thanks ron3033
  5. Hello All I have used CDBurnerXP on my old windows xp computer. Never did upgrades because it worked fine.(version Bought a new desktop, soon to be delivered ............ so 2 questions please. 1. Does "Default installer(Without installCore)" mean it it is CDBurnerXP WITHOUT Open Candy adware? (seemed to me before it said no open candy, which was straight forward.) 2. Does it make a difference as to whether you install 32 bit or 64 bit? new computer is 64 bit (I believe)? Could someone enlighten me? Does 64 bit work better on 64 bit machine, than 32 bit on 64 bit machine? Thank You ron3033
  6. Hi floele Thank You, for the info and the help. It is working perfectly now, burned two CD's yesterday. ron3033
  7. Before I update: "since the burning library has also been updated" What does that mean? Is that the technical aspect of the program? Also is there any advantage to 64 bit vs. 32 bit ?? Thank You ron3033
  8. Hello floele Sorry for late reply. I am using version it worked and I did not get in trouble with some of the glitches others got with updates. One thing I did discover was DMA settings changed to PIO. Not being a computer expert I do not know the technical side of it. I found out here: http://www.pclicious.com/slow-burning-dvd-drive-how-to-fix-in-4-easy-steps/ Now I did change one back to DMA by deleting and reboot, but I have not had any cd's to burn. No other hardware or software additions to computer. Unless the read/write drive is getting wonky.(I do not know how to test that.) Do you think I should get the latest CDBurnerXP file? ( Also is there any advantage to 64 bit vs. 32 bit ?? Thanks ron3033
  9. Hello It seems like my CDBurnerXP has slowed down for some reason. It would normally burn an audio cd in 4 to 7 minutes. An 18 track took a few seconds shy of 46 Minutes to burn. A short 12 track christmas music cd took 23 minutes to burn. They were set at 40x burn speed, 2 second between tracks, using Memorex CD-R 700 MB discs. Any suggestions why it would now run so slow to burn an audio cd? It was much faster before? Thanks ron3033
  10. Hello I am using CDburnerXP v and it always worked flawlessly. Now when I make music CD's I seem to get a lot of disks that do not complete, It writes a bit in the center and then it ejects with an error message. Today while doing 4 music CD disks I got them all done, but I also made 3 ejected disks with a bit written in the center. Any Suggestions? Using Memorex CD-R 52x 700mb 80 minute disks, none were trying to put more on the disk then it would accept. Thank You
  11. judas_Iscariot Thank you for the reply, I may wait til you can do the adjustment, or if needed sooner I will load Firefox and then load CDburner XP to my Win XP. Edit by me: What is the difference of portable version to non portable version? curious, is part of the program left out?
  12. Hello Again Will CDBurnerxp download be available without OpenCandy? I know it was before, but is now "Pending". Is this temporary or permanent? Thanks
  13. Thank You floele Do I or should I, use the most recent date for the CDBurner to XP computers?