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  1. Hi! been trying to burn a 78 minute cd-r-doesn't even start burning! Same error message on my 2 attempts. Going to try & get some new media (admittidley these were old & cheap!). I run aPioneer DVD-RW , DVR110-D, 1.41 firmware, 7056 kbs max read & 5644 max write speed. Set to lowest (x 4) burn. No other programmes open when burning. I run windows xp & there is 6gb spare space , 1.49 gb RAM, pentium 4 cpu, 2.40ghz. Log below-any ideas please? Driving me mad! lol 14:10:57 Burning process started. 14:11:53 Error occurred: Internal SDK error: CStarBurn_ScsiTransportSPTI::E
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