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  1. I discovered tonight that CD-Rs are not affected. I never even thought to try one before tonight. So it's just DVD-Rs
  2. If I have a blank in my burner, it won't start up and I get process that's hung. If I start up the software and then insert a blank, it will then hang the application.
  3. I know the holidays probably helped this to be forgotten, but I would like to know if anyone could look at the log file for me. I still need to get the software working again.
  4. I have now, and I have enabled logging. It doesn't solve the issue, it just hangs the cdburnerxp process and I have to reboot to stop it. Do you want the log? I couldn't see anything in there that indicated an issue.
  5. I did review that page, and I don't see anything there that can help me further. I don't have any of the programs listed installed, and this problem only started recently after an upgrade of the software.
  6. I successfully burned an ISO of the "Star Wars Holiday Special". I subjected my young child to about half of the movie before he begged me to turn it off. I got a request from a family member to spread the pain around and went to burn a second copy. Before I did that however I ran the update for the latest version. Now when I insert a blank disc into the drive, the latest version of the software just freezes up. I can't stop the process. So maybe it was the update and not George Lucas finding a way to prevent further spreading of Bea Arthur in the Cantina. I am running Windows 7 P
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