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  1. I discovered tonight that CD-Rs are not affected. I never even thought to try one before tonight. So it's just DVD-Rs
  2. If I have a blank in my burner, it won't start up and I get process that's hung. If I start up the software and then insert a blank, it will then hang the application.
  3. I know the holidays probably helped this to be forgotten, but I would like to know if anyone could look at the log file for me. I still need to get the software working again.
  4. I have now, and I have enabled logging. It doesn't solve the issue, it just hangs the cdburnerxp process and I have to reboot to stop it. Do you want the log? I couldn't see anything in there that indicated an issue.
  5. I did review that page, and I don't see anything there that can help me further. I don't have any of the programs listed installed, and this problem only started recently after an upgrade of the software.
  6. I successfully burned an ISO of the "Star Wars Holiday Special". I subjected my young child to about half of the movie before he begged me to turn it off. I got a request from a family member to spread the pain around and went to burn a second copy. Before I did that however I ran the update for the latest version. Now when I insert a blank disc into the drive, the latest version of the software just freezes up. I can't stop the process. So maybe it was the update and not George Lucas finding a way to prevent further spreading of Bea Arthur in the Cantina. I am running Windows 7 Professional x64. I've installed it as Administrator, I've also run it as Administrator. There are no errors in the error log in %appdata% I have uninstalled and reinstalled a couple different flavors of 64 bit CD Burner XP from the official site and rebooted after install and removal each time. I'm willing to try an older version to see if that might work again, but not sure where to find one. The latest I downloaded was cdbxp_setup_4.5.4.5143_x64_minimal and I'm not sure what the older version was that I had installed. Any ideas, any additional information needed? I've been through the FAQ and don't run any of the programs listed as potential troublemakers.
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