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  1. No other burning software has been used besides CDBurnerXP. It works fine with CDBurnerXP when the drive is actually detected but something is telling it to uninstall or to become undetected by Windows.
  2. Hi, I have 50 + machines all identicle in everyway with the same TSSTcorp sh-224DB CDDVDW drive. They all exhibit the same issue. Sometimes they will work fine then other times a user will go to burn a disc and CDBurnerXP says no compatible drives. I look in windows Explorer drive is missing, I look in device manager drive is missing. I scan for new hardware, device comes back and works fine with CDBurnerXP and is detected by Windows again? I don't see any similarities in what was happening for it to do this it just honestly seems random. I don't know if this is directly related to CDB
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